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Pet Wellness Exams in Roosevelt Island


As pet parents, we must recognize how vital regular wellness exams can be for our companions. The last thing any owner wants is to have an unexpected pet emergency. Unfortunately, the reality is, it’s nearly impossible to be certain if your pet is fully disease-free without proper assessment. But with routine visits to your vet, your pet’s health will be monitored and assessed for quicker treatment and preventative care. Continue below to learn about key services to look for in a wellness plan for your companion. 


A wellness plan that will cater to all your pets preventative care should include the following:


  • Vaccinations tailored to your pet's lifestyle
  • Parasite detection and prevention 
  • Nutritional and diet recommendations 
  • Microchipping 
  • Nail trimming to prevent cracking 
  • Sterilization services 
  • Behavioral training advisement


Every pet parent should consider enrolling their pup in a wellness plan, no matter how overdue or old, every pet deserves to have their health professionally handled and ensured.

We’ll Take Care Of Your Dog At City Vet 

Looking for a vet to take care of your dog? Bring your pup over to City Vet and our skilled team will have a look! We ensure, through our preventative care services, that you and your companion will have many more years of friendship ahead. Call or visit our Roosevelt Island location today to schedule your pet’s wellness exam.

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