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3 Tips For Keeping Your Bearded Dragon a Happy Reptile


Bearded dragons are wonderful reptilian pets that will make a friendly addition to any home. These lizards are known for being excellent beginner reptiles due to their docile nature and contentment with captivity. Below you will find three beginner tips to help keep your Bearded Dragon a happy and healthy lizard for years to come.


Enclosure: Make sure your Bearded Dragon’s enclosure is equipped with glass and a screen top. The standard measurements should be as follows: at least six feet long, two feet wide, and somewhere between two to three feet in height. 


Make sure their habitat includes plenty of rocks and branches to mimic their natural habitat and allow them to find places to hide in privacy. 


Lighting: As a diurnal lizard, Bearded Dragons are active during daylight hours. You should strive to give your pet a standard 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness for optimal health. 


Heating: Bearded Dragons need ultraviolet light to keep them in peak health. Purchase a UVB bulb as well as a UV radiometer to help monitor the levels of light exposure they are receiving. 

A 40 to 75W infrared bulb should also be provided for your lizard’s basking. 


Bearded Dragons are remarkable reptiles and excellent pets for any household. But their health depends on your diligence and commitment to maintaining all their habitat needs. 


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