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What Causes Your Dog's Nose To Be Dry?


Does your heart drop when you see your puppy’s nose quiver with dryness? If a wet nose means he is healthy, then surely, a dry nose must mean the opposite, right?  Fortunately, despite such myths and old wives tales that are circulating about a dog’s “dry nose” to determine its health, there are some reasons why your dog's nose is dry that may not be indicative of a serious medical issue


Believe it or not, there are plenty of reasons for a dog to have a dry nose that has nothing to do with them being sick. Dry dog noses are really pretty common, and there are a few reasons why they occur.


Napping: Dogs often have their noses close to the ground or on their paws when sleeping, which means that airflow won’t get up into their nasal cavities and keep them moist. If you have a dog who sleeps like this frequently, then it would stand to reason that their nose will become dry as a result.


Dehydration from Exercise: Dehydration can be another culprit. If you are regularly active with your dog, hydration is something to keep in mind. Naturally, as we or our companions exercise our exertion can lead to dehydration. It’s natural and to be expected, but always make sure your companion has easy access to water to replenish their body!


Exposure to the Elements: If your pup’s nose seems to get dry frequently, then it may be due to the elements. If you live somewhere warm and sunny all year round, then it should come as no surprise that the sun can dry out your pet’s nose just like it dries out your own skin. If you live somewhere cold and windy, then you might notice your pet’s nose getting dry when they come inside from outside.


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