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The Hazards Of Tinsel And Other Christmas Favorites For Pets


Holiday decorations add festivity to our homes and make us feel more in the holiday spirit. For pets, objects like Christmas balls and tinsel are nothing but playthings waiting to be chewed on. However, some of these objects can harm our furry friends.  


Here are six things to keep away from your pet this Christmas:

  • Tinsel 

Although tinsel is not toxic, it can pose a danger if ingested by your pet. The strands of shiny material may block your pet's intestinal tract and cause vomiting and dehydration; more costly treatment procedures would be required to save the fur baby's life. To help protect against such dangerous scenarios during the holidays, make sure you hang these decorations at least out of reach from their pouncing distance.

  • Fragile Ornaments

Most ornaments, such as Christmas balls, are made of glass and can easily break. These pieces of glass can be harmful to tender paws around the house. Cats are drawn to shiny objects and will curiously pounce on them. If not secured, the ornament will fall and break, leaving the shattered glass on the floor, and anyone could get hurt by them. 

As with tinsel, place your decorative ornaments out of pouncing range to prevent any injuries to your pet around the house. 

  • Scented Candles And Aerosol

We're all familiar with the smell of holiday candles and aerosol air fresheners: They're pleasant aromas that make our homes feel warm, inviting, and festive. But what we may not realize is that these scented products can be dangerous for our pets. Lit candles should never be left unattended, and air fresheners should never be used in a room where your pet is resting.

  • Cables

Keep the electrical cables out of your pet's reach when you light up your Christmas tree or any other holiday decoration. Cats and dogs love to chew anything that looks like it might be fun to gnaw on—and electrical cords are especially tempting because they offer an irresistibly chewable surface. 

It would indeed be devastating if your pet electrocuted itself or got a tongue laceration in an accident involving chewing something electronic.

  • Mistletoe

When ingested, mistletoe can cause your pet to be seriously sick. Your pet may suffer from seizures, hypertension, and death. Since it is a fun decoration to have during the holidays, ensure that it is kept away from your furry friends. 

  • Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is a common sight in many homes during the holiday season. It's also a potential hazard for your pet. The needles from pine trees can poke and prick your pet, which can cause discomfort and even infection. 

The tree can also tip over and cause injury if your pet tries to play with it. In addition, the tree may have preservatives in it that can be harmful if ingested by your pet. The best way to avoid accidents is to barricade the tree, keeping your pet away from it.

While the holidays call for festive décor and festive cheer, they also require vigilance. To ensure the safety of your beloved pet, it is crucial to keep him or her away from holiday decorations and plants that may be toxic.


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